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Call me And Blast me

One of my Crazy Ideas.Get a lot of these.Here goes one.All of us get angry. And we end up showing it on someone we shouldn’t and that someone shows it on someone else and it goes on. So I just thought……

we could have a phone number where you can call and vent out your anger. You will get appropriate responses from the number and we make sure that all the anger is out of you and you are back to peace. We charge some nominal amount for this. Monthly subscriptions also may be. What say?

Quick Trade

I have had this is in mind for a year now. Very sad I couldn’t do anything about this till now. Basically we develop a trading platform for mobilephones. Equity trades,futures and options. A list trader platform. With live streaming charts. India is becoming 3g enabled. So bandwidth shouldnt be a problem.anyone who does this the first and the best is in for jackpot I swear. I got loads of featurable ideas for this and I very badly want to make this happen. What say?

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Anand Narayan
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